Wednesday, April 24, 2013


 The poison in your home Melamine is approved for use in the United States. You will find this chemical in many household items; the use varies from more of an industrial application to basic items we all use every day. 

The chemical combines with other products to form a very strong resin, the resin is used to coat items, making them durable. This is fine for things like laminate flooring, or cleaning products, however recent studies have shown that household items like dishes and cooking utensils may not be the best application.

 Research continues, however preliminary results have shown that the melamine in our basic dishes (like a bowl) can leak into our food and damage our health. This chemical has been linked to kidney malfunction and kidney stones. I have never had a kidney stone, but from what I hear, they are best avoided.

 It may sound elementary, but let’s keep the high-grade industrial resin away from your food.

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