Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kurriosity goes Airborne!!!

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Returning to the Heart of our Ancient Understandings

Before written language, the jnana or knowledge of the rishis was encoded into mythological stories. This included advanced geometry, architectural and engineering concepts, the mathematical constant of the universe, and astronomy, including coordinate planes, precession and its nested cycles of evolving space/time. Our sciences have still not rediscovered all that the ancients knew. 

Facts and details are more difficult to remember than fantastical characters and their unusual experiences and so they were conveyed as stories – written to be remembered and translated by the teller. Sadly, much of the underlying meaning has been lost or poorly interpreted. For most of us, it’s difficult to see mythology as anything but a collection of amusing, tall tales. 

Throughout human history, myths have united us, drawn us into the interior reality, and associated us with the greater whole of creation. They transform the profane into the sacred and create a deep sense of connection to the world and its beings, things and phenomena. This exactly describes the goals of the modern conscious or spiritual revolution and the true aims of yoga. We want to connect with each other and with life’s deeper meaning. We want the living experience to be infused with sacrality and we want to fearlessly rise into the fullness of our human potential. 

Our search for life’s meaning is actually a search for our lost mythology. We are all of the characters in the Sanskrit epics and sacred texts – the gods and demons, the kings and magical entities. They represent the states of being that are realizable within us. As we reconnect with ancestral wisdom, we can reconnect with the deep well of our own internal wisdom and can begin to know and live from the inside-out rather than from the outside-in. 

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