Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quick Tips on Getting a 6-pack

Getting a 6-pack is not out of reach. In fact, you may already have one underneath a layer of fat, and you just need to get it to show. Doing all the sit ups in the world won’t get you there. You cannot just reduce one spot. It’s a combination of a proper diet, cardio fat burning, and abdominal strength training. But you can get there. Just think of it as total body health rather than how many sit ups do I need to do. 

                Start with your diet. You just can’t get shredded if you’re eating a poor diet of drive thru, all-you-can-eat wings and pizza. If you are eating a lot of processed, bleached carbohydrates, switch to whole grain bread and pastas. Bleached carbs like white bread and all other starchy treats turn into sugar in your body, and later turn into fat. Instead of thinking of it as a “diet” just think of it as eating more of the right things and less of the wrong things. Eat vegetables, fruits, lean meats, whole grain oats, fish, poultry, and eat a lot less of fried foods, saturated fats, bleached carbs, sweets, fatty burgers. Your body will thank you for it.

                Next, look at your work out. You have to burn fat over your whole body. Not just do thousands of crunches. If you have a layer of fat, your muscles can show through, it’s as simple as that. Lose the fat and the muscles will show themselves. To start, make sure you are getting the recommended 5 days a week of cardio. That means thirty minutes of cardio, five times a week. That could be running, cycling, rollerblading, or other routines like jump rope or jumping jacks.  Work out till you sweat, don’t just talk a walk in the park.

                Next onto the ab workouts. It is recommended that you do three strength training workouts today. Do regular crunches, oblique crunches, planks, leg lifts, and oblique planks. Get creative and try to work your abs differently every time. Check out this list of ab workouts to get you started. Remember, it’s about your whole body and your lifestyle. But you will get there.

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