Friday, April 26, 2013

Eating Right for Your Blood Type

                Eat Right for Your Type is diet that was created by Dr. Peter D’Adamo based on what blood type you are. According to this diet, different blood types should consume and avoid different types of food, because the chemistry of the blood types is different. The diet centers around lectins, which are different types of proteins found in foods. Dr. D’Adamo believes that ailments are caused when lectins negatively interact with the blood chemistry.
The blood types are related to different phases of human evolution such as hunters and agrarians. There is a different diet plan for each blood type. D’Adamo believes that blood type is how the body differentiates itself from non-self, and the food we eat should be chosen accordingly. According to WebMD, this diet theory is not based on enough evidence to be considered fact.

·         The O blood type is referred to as the “hunter”, which he says is the earliest human blood group. Type O people should eat a diet high in meat and fish, avoid wheat and limit dairy.

·         Type A signifies the “agrarian” group. They should eat a mostly vegetarian diet with soy, grains, and vegetables.

·         Type B is known as the “nomad” group, who can tolerate more combinations of food and have stronger immune systems because they evolved to a colder, harsher environment in the past. They are the only type that does well with dairy. They should avoid corn, lentils, and wheat.

·         Blood type AB is called the “enigma” because it has characteristics of the A and B group, and it is supposedly the most recently evolved. They share the intolerances of the A and B group. They should avoid chicken, beef and pork.

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