Thursday, April 25, 2013

Burn Calories While Watching TV

If you are a TV magnet , babysitter, or just always looking to stay active—There are ways you can stay fit while not moving far from your couch—and  definitely without missing your favorite television show. 
Taking a few extra minutes during your favorite show to do simple exercises that will make you feel better about yourself and relieve any guilt you were having about being a couch potato. Try the simple exercises listed below.

Crunch Crunch Crunch—these are easy to do and show great results if you maintain a routine in doing them on a regular basis. Why not take one of your favorite shows that’s on a few times a week, and make it your new workout habit to do sets of crunches during commercials. *hey ‘look on the bright will speed up the break and before you know it your show will be back on! Crunches are great for toning tummies.

Fidget—move around while your favorite show is on. Move you’re remote, or rotate your arms and legs. As long as you’re moving you’re on the right track. Research has shown that those who fidget while sitting can burn up to 350 more calories per day.

Push-ups—another exercise to do during commercials that will leave you feeling the burn.  Unless listening to your favorite reality singing show, this will have to wait for a TV break because push-ups require you to face the ground. Push-ups are great for toning your arms and strengthening your upper body and chest.

Ball Balances—Seated balances work with your abs. First get a ball and sit in front of your TV. Make sure you ware next to your coffee table, to use as an aid. Sit on the ball and have your feet on the ground. Grab hold of the table with one hand and slowly lift your right foot of the floor—next do the same with your left. Slowly remove your hand from the table. For safety reasons, make sure your hand is always close enough to the table. Keep repeating this process with the goal to maintain balance without touching the table. Once you get super comfortable see if you can last through an entire TV show. 

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