Friday, February 1, 2013

Testosterone---Feed Your Libido!

Would you eat oysters if they made you feel sexier? Or trade in your morning bagel for yogurt if you knew your sex drive would increase? With an increasing number of men showing up at their internists office complaining about their testosterone levels, it seems that the foods to boost your libido will be a hot topic and a relief for many men.  More and more studies on foods and how they affect testosterone are on the rise.  A recent MIT study found that mice fed a diet of yogurt presented with larger testicles than those fed a junk food diet.  While a clear understanding of how it works is not known, although signals point to the probiotics playing a role.


So men listen up, pack in these foods and get your groove back on.

Start the day with Oatmeal you will be on your way. Oats are full of an amino acid, L-arginine, that works with nitric oxide to reduce the stiffness or blood vessels.  It has often been used as an aide to relax muscles around the penis’ blood vessels.  The increase in blood flow while allow a man to keep an erection.

Eggs, seafood, dark chocolate and oysters will all do the trick.  In fact the commonality here is they are high in zinc, which plays a significant role in blood circulation and sperm production. 

A good cup of Joe.  In fact caffeine in coffee has been shown to have an effect of increasing testosterone in the body.  Caffeine works by stimulating the adrenal glands, which in turn stimulates the production of testosterone.

Sunshine can be sexy, especially where vitamin D is concerned.  In fact studies support men with the highest level of vitamin D also had the highest level of testosterone as well. Vitamin D is found in foods such as fish oils, fatty fish, beef liver, cheese, and egg yolks. 

Snack on nuts, serve up some lentil soup or maybe some edamame will do.  All of these foods contain high levels of D-aspartic acid, which are linked to the production of testosterone.

Spice it up with garlic and onions.  It seems studies show that these two foods, high in antioxidants and flavanoids, help to stimulate testosterone production.  So cook with it, season your meats or any way you want, it will be an asset to your testosterone levels.

Men seeking a lift to their libido can now start right in their own kitchen.  Give some of these powerful testosterone lifting foods a try and see how much sexier you feel.

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