Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Swap It: a easy guide for healthy substitutions on your dinner plate.

Everyday someone pledges to start a diet, never eat chocolate again, skip the bread, and give up some other food favorite.  And of course usually within days, hours or even minutes, you give in and feel like you failed at your attempts to be healthier.  Well you know longer need to skip it, its time to learn to swap it for a similar food that is slightly lower in fat, calories or sugar.  Take a look at some simple swaps, that will still satisfy your taste buds without the guilt.
Instead of:       Swap With:
Sour cream on a potato             Choose non-fat greek yogurt for the same rich texture without the fat
Sugary cereal                             Choose whole grain cereal and add sliced fruit to give it natural sweetness
Croutons on a salad                   Choose chopped walnuts for a crunch that also helps lower your bad cholesterol 
Margaritas                                   Choose red wine, which has about 1/10 the amount of sugar and will provide valuable antioxidants
Butter                                               Choose a vegetable oil based spread, which replaces a bad fat with a good fat
White Rice                                       Choose quinoa, which is a protein based grain that also contains fiber
Granola                                            Choose high fiber cereal, gives you the crunch without the fat
Avocado in Guacamole                    Choose to cut down on the avocado and add in some cooked zucchini to save unnecessary fat
Mashed Potato                                Choose cauliflower, when mashed save the calories, 29 per cup versus 120 for the potato
Vanilla Ice Cream                            Choose frozen cool whip which is lower in calories and fat with the same creamy taste
Mayonnaise                                     Choose dijon mustard for great taste without the fat
Potato Chips                                    Choose kale chips, giving you the nutrients from these leafy greens, along with the crunch, leaving the fat behind
Beef Burger                                      Choose a turkey burger for a hardy meal that is leaner and lower in cholesterol

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