Thursday, May 9, 2013

Green Tea

What can you find that comes iced or hot, as an extract, pills, supplements and even ice cream? They all can have one common thread: green tea.  That is right, this ancient Asian blend has become very popular throughout the country for its multitude of health benefits. For some they drink it hot in a grande size, while others prefer it unsweetened and iced.  No matter what the form, it is become a trendy flavor found to be enjoyed by many. Young and old have all come to make green tea a part of their daily regimen as they try to lead a healthier lifestyle.  So what are the benefits that has us hooked?


Green tea is full of polyphenols, which are phytochemicals with antioxidant properties.  It is these components that protect the body from cancers, that also give tea its somewhat bitter taste. There are more primary phenols, called catechins, in green tea than in the more traditional black teas. 


Along with these benefits many studies show that green tea helps with weight management, by allowing the body to increase its metabolism; as well as lower cholesterol and help fight heart disease.  Preventing cavities? Better skin? Yes green tea has been found to do that as well.


While most research is still relatively new, those who are interested in maximizing the benefits should understand how to get the most out of their green tea.  In fact the hot version allows for the greatest amount of catechins to be released.  The older the tea leaves, the greater the number of catechins as well.  It is suggested that having about 3 cups, 8 ounces each, will do the trick on giving you the recommended amount.


Any disadvantages?  Green tea contains a large amount of caffeine so beware as it might be an issue for those with heart issues or may affect sleep patterns.  Truth be told that ounce for ounce green tea still has less caffeine than one cup of coffee.


Green tea which has always been and still remains the most popular tea in China, is slowly but surely well on its way to being the top pick here as well.

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