Friday, May 3, 2013

Develop 6 Pack Abs

We all have ‘em---abs. Abdominals, Core, 6-pack, stomach muscles! Whether you can see them or not is another story. And regardless if you have a 4, 6 or 8-pack, being lean, functional and strong in the mid section is a must. Here are sure-fire ways to develop your abs.

Good attitude. Be optimistic and confident about your body. Visualize your 6-pack as the lean strong muscle it will be.

 Proper nutrition. Eat small meals, eat breakfast, and find the foods that optimize your metabolism.

 Endurance ExerciseDo interval training, cross-training, and classes such as indoor cycling, and classes innovated by the author such as cardio core cross-spin, cardio yoga, etc.

 Resistance ExerciseKeep a steady stream of individualized, intense strength workouts for all muscles.

Isometric ExerciseInclude core builders such as high and low planks, bridges, as well as disciplines such as yoga and pilates.

Stability Ball. Use exercise balls for crunches, situps, core balancing and core stretching.

Train the entire core. Do not just train abs, utilize exercise for complete core activation of lower back, obliques, transverse abdominus and pelvic floor muscles.

Breath. Learn how to yogic breath to better activate the abs, utilize the diaphragm and allow the body to lengthen the core.

Using these simple yet important tactics will highlight your 6-pack and also improve your function and overall health and wellness.

 Marc Thompson
 Marc D. Thompson BS,VPT is a national innovator of on-line virtual training and group instruction (via Skype). Thompson has 25-years of experience as a fitness trainer and personal coach focusing on medicine and exercise physiology. He has dedicated his life to isolating the physical strengths and weaknesses of each client and matching them with a multitude of fitness disciplines to improve their physical, mental and psychological well-being.

Marc D Thompson, VirtuFitTM 
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