Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cardiovascular Exercise Benefits & Hazards

Cardiovascular (CV) exercise is important. It has a boatload of benefits and rewards. Also, like any other reward, there are risks. Below is a list of the benefits and hazards of CV activity.
CV Benefits     
1. Strengthen heart                                                                     
2. Lower blood pressure
3. Reduce risk of heart disease
4. Improve circulation
5. Increase energy
6. Improve CV health
7. Improve recovery
8. Decrease body fat
9. Change body composition
10. Increase endurance
CV Hazards
1. Repetitious (lacking variety)
2. Veering from center of treadmill
3. Losing focus and falling
4. Poor running form
5. Improper footwear
6. Missing step on stepmill
7. Running heavy on feet
8. Running loaded
9. Loose form on rower (using lower back)
10. Improper biomechanical alignment (bike, elliptical, etc)
CV activity is an important component of wellness. I prefer to do cardio training (intervals, circuits, boxing, etc.) over cardio equipment (treadmill, bike, etc). Regardless of the mode and type, we all must improve our health with a stronger heart.
Marc D. Thompson, owner of VirtuFitTM, is a prominent fitness trainer and personal coach with a background in medicine and exercise physiology. He has pioneered virtual training and teaches via Skype one-on-one and group classes. Approaching fitness holistically, Marc believes the fusion of creativity and practicality is essential in moving each individual toward their fitness goals. Along with over 25 years of experience, he draws from thousands of exercises, fitness disciplines, sports psychology techniques and nutritional principals to empower each individual client.

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