Wednesday, May 1, 2013

3 reasons your diet is making you fat

Many of us get discouraged when we look at the scale while dieting and don’t see the number dropping or maybe you even gained a pound or two! There are a few reasons why your diet maybe having the opposite effect.

1.       A diet throws your body off balance. Most of the time when we diet we make the diet too strict which slows down our metabolism drastically. For example, cutting fat too much can lead to a surplus of carbs your body can’t burn, which then get stored in your fat cells.

2.       On and Off Mode. On a diet you need to allow yourself to mess up. Most people when they have a cheat meal think they blew the entire diet and slip back into their old ways. You just need consistency! Try not to let it happen but if it does, get right back to the diet the next day or meal.

3.       Diets forbid the most tempting foods you can’t give up. People need to understand it is okay to treat yourself. The more you tell yourself you will never be able to eat that food again, the quicker you will be to indulge in your goodies.
Balance and consistency is the main part of a diet. You have to reach out and eat a lot things you probably don’t like but don’t be afraid to reward yourself with something you do like.

Brittany Cascone, has spent the past 15-years building her reputation and career not only in-front of the camera but also working as a fitness and dance professional with some of the biggest names in the industry. If her face looks familiar, you may have seen Brittany in numerous national fitness campaigns. Brittany has obtained ISO Expert Certifications in Aerobics, Yoga and Pilates.

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