Thursday, February 21, 2013

A frozen, store-bought meal:

A frozen, store-bought meal:

In my classes and book, I stress that if the produce in your frig gets green on it that wasn’t the original green color of the vegetable…in other words…green mold, then the fresh produce is no money-saver, no matter where it came from.

It is important to get a grip on reality, if that is your story, and buy food that is frozen. Fruit and vegetables bought frozen can be quit economical if doled out in portions that get 100% eaten. I confess to being a closet Amy’s addict. The non-dairy burritos really do the trick when I have no longer than 2 minutes microwave time to get to my next appointment.

I don’t live on them, but they have saved me from more than one late appointment.

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